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Gift Mum some customised aromatherapy blends

2 May 2020 | Pat Princi-Jones

Did you know that the sense of smell is closely linked to memory? Give your mum a Mother's Day she won't forget by gifting her some of these easy two-essential-oil starter blends from A Scented Life: Aromatherapy reimagined by Pat Princi-Jones. Package it up along with some instructions to either diffuse the blend or make a massage oil that Mum can luxuriate in. 

Two-oil starter blends  

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You can either diffuse the following blends or put them in a massage oil. To diffuse, add the blend to the water in your diffuser (add 6–9 drops of mixed essential oils to your diffuser, unless otherwise directed). To make a massage oil, add the blend to 15 ml (½ fl oz/ 1 tbsp) sweet almond base oil.


Frankincense (4 drops) and sweet orange  (2 drops).

Frankincense, prized as a ritual oil, is an all-round healer, while sweet orange promotes feelings of happiness.

Diffuse: The sweetness of orange complements the woody, incense-like aroma of the frankincense. Whether you want to unwind or create a space for reflection, the warming, grounding action of this blend will keep you in the here and now.

Massage: Apply diluted to relieve nervous tension, ease cold and flu symptoms or prepare for sleep. A drop of frankincense alone on pulse points is calming and can help open the third eye. Added to moisturiser, it rejuvenates the skin.


Eucalyptus (2 drops) and lemon (4 drops). Eucalyptus is a renowned decongestant while lemon is purifying and helps fight infection.

Diffuse: The lemony freshness of this mix can ease mental exhaustion while providing a germ-free breathing space. At once cooling and awakening, it can lift the mood and relieve mucous congestion.

Massage: Apply diluted to add a layer of protection against viral infection. It soothes aching muscles and reduces inflammation and swelling while also calming the mind.

A word of caution: Avoid eucalyptus near the nose and face of children under 10 years. Avoid sun exposure 12 hours after use.


Geranium (2 drops) and lavender or helichrysum (4 drops).two oil starter blends, lavender in vessel

Lavender is treasured for its ability to relax and comfort, while geranium can help regulate mood.

Diffuse: The regulating action of this rosy, herbaceous aroma can help you find balance and gain composure during mood fluctuations. It eases nervous tension and improves the quality of your sleep.

Massage: Apply diluted when you are feeling anxious and emotionally sensitive. It soothes inflamed skin conditions, including eczema. Regular application can support women’s health during premenstrual periods and menopause.

Author's note: If you dislike lavender, try helichrysum instead. It’s a bit greener, but just as nurturing.


Ylang ylang (2 drops) and jasmine absolute or patchouli (1 drop).

Ylang ylang and jasmine absolute are both famed aphrodisiacs. Together, their enticing sweetness is both unmistakable and alluring.

Diffuse: The exotic, floral aroma is at once arousing and deeply relaxing. Apart from its impact on the libido, it reduces stress levels and worry when you are feeling flustered.

Massage: Apply diluted to balance the sacral chakra (see page 104), tap into your sensuality and boost confidence. Wear it as a perfume or blend it with some Moroccan oil and apply to the ends of your hair after shampooing to increase its shine and health (see page 122).

Author's note: Jasmine will intensify ylang ylang’s sweetness, whereas patchouli will temper that sweetness. I have reduced the drop count because this is a potent and euphoric mix. It can cause headaches if used in excess.


Peppermint (2 drops) and bergamot (4 drops).

Peppermint is a classic digestive, while bergamot eases nervous tension.

Diffuse: Peppermint’s cool menthol aroma, enhanced with bergamot’s freshness,is instantly awakening and invigorating. It provides a boost when you are tired and overworked, relieves tension headaches and eases hayfever symptoms.

Massage: Apply diluted to stimulate digestive function, ease joint pain and improve your circulation. Add a drop of bergamot to the palms of your hands and inhale when you are feeling hyperactive and nervy.

A word of caution: The above blend is not for use during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. Avoid peppermint near the nose and face of children under 10 years. Choose bergapten-free bergamot.


Rosemary (2 drops) and peppermint (4 drops).

Rosemary is the oil for remembrance as it has the capacity to improve concentration and relieve mental fatigue. Peppermint is awakening.

Diffuse: This vibrant, herbaceous aroma is at once stimulating and invigorating, promoting clear thinking. It clears the air of germs and helps fight respiratory infection.

Massage: Applied diluted as a sports rub (see page 115) after vigorous exercise, this blend boosts circulation and eases pain and inflammation.

A word of caution: The above blend is not for use during pregnancy or while breastfeeding, or for those suffering from epilepsy or high blood pressure. Avoid peppermint near the nose and face of children under 10 years.

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