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An In-Depth Look At The Reasons To Live A Van Life

19 Jul 2019 | Cherry Cai

Van life is a movement where people are letting go of the trappings of modern life and hitting the road. Vanlife Diaries by Kathleen Morton, Jonny Dustow and Jared Melrose interview and feature a range of people who did exactly that. Through stunning visuals, narrative captions and interviews, Vanlife Diaries celebrates the beauty of the nomadic lifestyle and the vanlifer community. It seeks to inspire and open a window into the ‘why’s and ‘how’s of living and working on the road.

We’ve provided sneak peeks into the Vanlife Diaries that show the format of the beautiful book and the kinds of stunning visuals that you can expect. This book is perfect for the modern gypsy who dream of taking their own life on the road, or those who want a different perspective and some inspiration to chase their dreams, and a new kind of work-life balance that can only be achieved in this modern day and age.

The book is divided into sections on reasons for living a van life, we've given you pages from three of these sections. 

1. Van Life For Family

how vanlife can take the entire family on the road

The Badger Family believes that "Adventure comes when you stretch yourself beyond what you ever though possible, look over to new horizons, and take a little leap of faith." - pp. 26

2. Van Life For Love

living in a van doesn't have to be uncomfortable

Kate and Ellen started The Modern Caravan as a business borne out of their love story. Pictured: Kate at her beautifully designed kitchen in a 1994 Airstream Classic. -Kate and Ellen's story is from pp.42-53

3. Van Life For Nature

the van life brings you closer to nature

One of the major reasons for living the van life is to get closer to nature. Living in a moving vehicle means that it can quite literally take you to places that you wouldn't otherwise go. -For Nature from pp. 74-108

vanlife diaries book cover

All images and pages from Vanlife Diaries by Kathleen Morton, Jonny Dustow, and Jared Melrose. 
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