Quadrille was founded more than twenty years ago and has established a worldwide reputation for creativity and excellence as illustrated publishers. While we were building a footprint in the UK with Hardie Grant Book London, we were on the look-out for an acquisition to give us some momentum, and in 2013 Hardie Grant Publishing acquired Quadrille. It was an ideal move, as Hardie Grant Publishing had been Quadrille’s agent in Australia for over ten years, and the founders of both companies were firm friends.

Quadrille brings to Hardie Grant Publishing decades of experience in creating major UK best sellers: over the years Quadrille has published Gordon Ramsay, Antonio Carluccio and many other household names. In addition and importantly Quadrille has brought great specialist expertise in co-editions and rights sales that have contributed to the success of the overall business. 

Quadrille is an independent creative and marketing team, working alongside the independent Hardie Grant Books London team, and both imprints benefit from the shared sales and other services of Hardie Grant Publishing.

For general enquiries: enquiries@quadrille.co.uk

For proposals or comments on published books: editorial@quadrille.co.uk