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Let Tim Hayward talk you through The Modern Kitchen

16 Nov 2017 |


Today, we regard the kitchen as the heart of our home. It’s where we get together as families, where we do the daily work of feeding ourselves and those we love.

The kitchen is a constantly mutating expression of self […] it’s layout, set-up and selection of kit, has always been a surprisingly neat illustration of our beliefs, tastes, aesthetics and aspirations – simultaneously the heart of our homes and a vivid snapshot of our domestic lives.

- Tim Hayward, from his new book The Modern Kitchen.




Through 100 familiar objects, The Modern Kitchen maps the progress and development of this functional yet also wildly aspirational space. Why do the Le Creuset casserole dish and the wooden salad bowl exert such a cultural hold over us? How did the AGA become the symbol of gentrification? Has the accumulation of electrical appliances led us to cook and eat differently? As well as studying the individual objects that have had such a huge impact on the way we live now, The Modern Kitchen examines kitchen design, economics and gender politics through a series of essays.



Tim has recorded three podcasts to celebrate the launch of this fascinating book, focusing on

The Fondue, The Mincer and The Timer. Click here to listen.




The Modern Kitchen by Tim Hayward is available now from good shops that sell books and online at Amazon and Waterstones


Photography by Sarah Hogan