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Charlie McDonnell shows us why the universe is awesome

16 Dec 2016 |

This year YouTube star Charlie McDonnell released his book Fun Science. In the book Charlie takes us on an awesome journey through the cosmos - beginning with the Big Bang through to the Solar System and the origins of life on Earth, all the way down to the particles that make up everything around us. Basically it's a guide to why the universe is just so cool!

He also has an awesome You Tube series based on the book and we have put together some of our favourite videos for you so you can get on the science is fun bandwagon too.

Watch the below and learn about Evolution, Dark Matter, Gravitational Waves & Pluto!
Fun Science is available now where all good books are sold

Did humans evolve from monkeys? Is the human eye really perfect enough to necessitate a designer? 
And WHY ARE BANANAS SO BANANAS? Let's explore some common misconceptions about evolution...

 In which we explore some of the darkest substances in the cosmos... so illusive that even science itself hasn't quite figured out what they are yet.
Everything you need to know about the new discovery of gravitational waves, and why you should care about them. 
PLUTO IS NOT A PLANET... but I promise that's not as bad as it might seem. 
While the little dwarf planet might have been "demoted," it's still got a lot going for it -- promise!