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Meet the Maker - Knitting Smitten author Jessica Biscoe

28 Mar 2018 |



Knitting caught the imagination of self-taught knitter and author, Jessica Biscoe who quickly became inspired and began creating gorgeous and fun designs to stitch.  For our Meet the Maker series we caught up with Jess to find out what she’s been knitting.

Why knitting?

I'd had an urge to learn how to knit for a while, and in 2008 my boyfriend got me some books and supplies as a present and I fell hard for it. Before then I was working in an office job and knitting provided the perfect creative distraction.

Who taught you how to knit? 

I taught myself how to knit using books and various YouTube tutorials actually. It was the fastest way to get answers, learn and basically just know everything!

How did the book come about? 

By 2013 I was blogging and selling knitted accessories on Etsy, and was lucky to be approached to write the book as part of the Simple Makes series. The aesthetic of the series was just my style at the time and I jumped in headfirst. It was a crazy whirlwind, but I learnt so much from the process. 

Who are your favourite crafty influencers or idols? 

Tilly and the Buttons is a crafting queen (and fellow Quadrille Books author) and such an all-round inspirational businesswoman. Plus, I also really admire Andrea Mowry from Drea Renee Knits, who designs really wearable and original knitting patterns. 

What is your favourite make? 

My favourite knit garment I've made is the featherweight cardigan by Hannah Fettig but I'm also learning to sew at the moment and feel empowered by everything I make, even if it's just a simple t-shirt!


Something you can't live without? 

Sally Hansen cuticle oil to keep my nails looking vaguely healthy for shoots.

How do you tackle creative block? 

I like to step away and try something different if I feel uninspired, so I might switch between knitting and sewing for a change of pace. Or just allow myself a crafty detox (outside of work), where I read, or get out of the house for a while; I always come back feeling refreshed.

If you weren’t crafting you would be…? 

I would probably still be working in an office job so thank goodness for thoughtful boyfriends!

What are the 3 essentials we can find in your bag? 

Hand cream, a sock on my needles, and my laptop.

Favourite cup of tea? 

I love a nice loose-leaf tea; breakfast or peppermint are my favourite.

Who should we all be following on Instagram / Twitter / Facebook / blogs? 

I only really use Instagram and try not to get too sucked in, oh the struggle - I enjoy following stitchedinsweden, studiomeez, ruthwerwaikehleycovi, and project hashtags for inspiration.

What advice do you have for anyone who wants to start a creative career? 

I'd say persevere and find your community. It can feel like you're talking to yourself at the beginning but keep doing what feels right, follow opportunities and it may just click into place.

What have you been up to and what’s next? 

Since Knitting Smitten I've been writing, designing and producing video tutorials for clients for a range of crafts and I love it; every day is different. An ongoing personal project for me is to try and create an (almost) entirely handmade wardrobe, and recycle out a lot of the cheap fast-fashion items I've accumulated over the years. Somewhere on the list is jeans, eek!

If you'd like to make these adorable egg cosies then click here for the pattern.

Knitting Smitten by Jessica Biscoe is available from good craft shops and online from Amazon.