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Dill and Cucumber Gin for World Gin Day

8 Jun 2017 |

Dill and cucumber gin

There are not enough ways to describe how wonderful this gin infusion is. The dill brings out all the botanicals in the booze whilst the cucumber keeps it refreshing, light and summery. You can scale it down if you don’t want to make a whole litre – as long as there are a couple of bits of dill and at least two or three slices of cucumber you’ll be able to taste the difference – but trust me one, two, or even three of these is never enough.


1 litre gin

½ cucumber, chopped into short batons

4-5 dill fronds

Cloudy lemonade or tonic for serving


For the full recipe go to

 The Herb and Flower Cookbook : Plant, Grow, Eat by Pip McCormac is available in good shops that sell books and on Amazon.