November Hororscope

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Will you find love this November, or will your career get a boost? Star Power author Vanessa Montgomery reveals all

30 Oct 2018 |

November Hororscope

As we're about to embark on a new month we asked Star Power author Vanessa Montgomery to give us the lowdown on what's happening in the zodiac this November. 


Uranus, the planet of radical change (and spandex!) has had us all wearing active wear since 2011. Uranus now backs up into Aries for the last time this lifetime! If you've resisted making adjustments, now is the time to make the change.


Your ruling planet Venus, the symbol of love, beauty and cold hard cash, is back-tracking into your work zone. You hate change, however, you need to re-evaluate your contribution to your career and work, and make sure you value what you're bringing. Bulls charge, so charge on.


Venus retrograde has been making headlines, and so will you if you re-vamp your creative muse. You need to reload the way you have fun, the romance in your life and the ways you express your creativity.


The north node of destiny moves into Cancer this month and remains there until 2020. Pivotal moments arrive via some of your favourite things, including home, domesticity, family and cooking. Enjoy!


The Sun in Scorpio lights up your home zone this month. Regenerate your creative fires (ideally by the hearth) and splash out on some new decor if you feel the creative inspo.


Venus is all charm in your zones of self worth and worldly possessions. You're always so humble, lean into Venus's love and allow yourself the praise you know you deserve!


Your ruling planet, Venus, makes a reprise as she backs out of Scorpio and into your sign. You have a second chance at putting your best foot forward this month. Press ahead with changes and a fresh new look after November 17.


The Sun lights up your sign this month while Venus retrogrades out, then back in. You love shedding skins and transforming yourself, and November is a power month to say hello to a brand new you.


Your ruling planet, Jupiter, returns home to your sign for the next year. Make the most of the luck, abundance and confidence it brings by aiming high and taking your best shot at what you want.


Your ruling planet, Saturn, is at home in your sign. Make the most of your heightened work ethic and choose to build a life you love, not simply one that others expect.


Venus is in your philosophy, travel and teaching zone, and she wants you to level up and re-evaluate your beliefs around love.


Action planet Mars moves into your sign mid-November. Utilise the extra energy and drive to propel you toward a dream others may think is impossible. You're a natural mystic, believe you can, and you will.

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