Aperitif by Kate Hawking

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Take a sip from Aperitif by Kate Hawkings

9 Jun 2018 |

First of the Summer Wine


Aperitif Kate Hawkings

"This is from one of my favourite bars in the world, Hausbar in Bristol, where  German-born Aurelius  Braunbarth  brought  Berlin  basement  bar  chic to the fortunate few and has never been bettered, in Bristol at least. Gone but very much not forgotten, in 12 years of glorious rule Auri and his much-feted protégées at Hausbar made me so many perfect drinks I’d never attempt to recreate at home, such is the skill and attention to critical detail with which they were made. This one is easy to knock up at home; ‘It’s just a posh G&T,’ says Auri, with characteristic cool. Choose whatever gin you like, bearing in mind you don’t want to overpower the gorgeous, delicate fruitiness of the port." - Kate Hawkings, Aperitif

50ml / 2oz Gin

20ml / ¾ oz Tawny Port

2 Tsp Lemon Juice

Tonic Water

Mint leaves, Thyme and Orange Slices to Garnish

Take a high-ball glass, or something similar, load it with ice and sling in the gin. Pour over the port and the lemon juice, give it a stir then top up with tonic. Go large on the garnish – some mint leaves, a sprig of thyme and a generous slice of orange.


Aperitif by Kate Hawkings is available now from good shops that sell books and online from Amazon and Waterstones