Strawberry Cashew Milk

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Strawberries and cream the vegan way for Wimbledon

3 Jul 2017 |

 It's the first day of Wimbledon so we're looking to Green Kitchen Stories for a vegan alternative to the classic strawberries and cream.


Strawberry Cashew Milk

This lush and creamy strawberry ‘milkshake’ is made from soaked cashew nuts. We add dates as a natural sweetener, but the real flavour comes from the strawberries. Depending on how ripe and sweet your strawberries are, you might like to deduct or add a date or two. When served in small bottles, this milk is ideal for a kids’ birthday party. It would also be delicious served with a bowl of porridge or muesli.

Makes 1 Litre | 1 ¾ oints / 4 cups

150 g (5 oz/1 cup) raw cashew nuts (plus filtered water for soaking)

750 ml (25 fl oz/3 cups) filtered water

225 g (8 oz/1½ cups) fresh ripe strawberries, tops removed (or frozen, thawed) (organic if possible)

4–6 soft dates, pitted

¼ teaspoon ground cardamom

1–2 pinches sea salt

2–3 ice cubes



Full the full recipe go to

Green Kitchen Smoothies by David Frenkiel and Luise Vindahl is available from good shops that sell books and Amazon. The fourth book from Green Kitchen Stories, Green Kitchen at Home is also available now.