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Tap into your spiritual self to visualise and manifest the love life you desire this Valentine’s day.

14 Feb 2019 |

Since its Valentines Day, we’ve selected a few spells from Semra Haksever’s newly published Love Spells to help spark your romantic life, whether its calling in love or igniting your relationship.


To Bring a little sweeteness and Love into your life...




You will need:

1 small knob of fresh ginger

1 jar of honey

1 rose quartz crystal

handful of dried or fresh rose petals

2 red candles

1. Cut the piece of ginger in half and place both pieces in the jar of honey along with the crystal.

2. Place rose petals in a circle around the jar and light the two candles on either side.

3. Re-light the candles over the next two nights and allow them both to burn down. Eat the honey or use it to sweeten your tea to call love into your life.


A little something to help you lose your inhibitions...



You will need:

pinch of orris root powder

½ pinch of red clover

pinch of sandalwood chips

mortar and pestle

7 drops of vanilla essential oil

hot charcoal disc and heatproof dish candles, to light around the room


1. Blend the orris root powder, red clover and sandalwood chips using a mortar and pestle. Once blended, add the vanilla essential oil.

2. Light a charcoal disc in a heatproof dish (see full instructions on page 17) and add the mixture.

3. Have the room lit with candles alongside the burning incense. This is a perfect set up for a massage with Lovers’ massage oil (see page 69).



Anoint yourself, then go and do something kind for yourself. Buy some flowers or a plant for your home, then give yourself a cuddle – wrap your arms around yourself and give thanks to your body and all of your organs inside for doing their job keeping you alive.

Makes 50 ml ( 2 fl oz/scant ¼ cup) you will need:

50 ml (2 fl oz/scant ¼ cup) sweet almond oil  (or carrier oil of your choice)

10 drops of rose essential oil

7 drops of sandalwood essential oil 

3 drops of cardamom essential oil

bowl for mixing

glass jar or bottle


Mix all of the ingredients together in the mixing bowl and store in a glass jar or bottle. Use the oil to anoint yourself when you need a bit of extra self-love.

SpellsLove by Semra Haksever is available now from good shops that sell books and online from Amazon and Waterstones.