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Find the answers to our weekly Instagram activities here!

27 May 2020 |

SPOILER this page holds the answers for our Game of Week posts over on Instagram. So if you haven't played, stop scrolling here and head over to @hardiegrantuk to give them a go. If you have, scroll on!

Week 1: Spot the Difference (from Love Match)

11 in total

Spot the Difference Answer Sheet

Week 2: Spot the Hardie Grant Dogs (from Vegan JapanEasy)

Answer: 6, 5, 8

Spot the Dog Answer 3

Spot the Dog Answer 1

Spot the Dog Answer 2

Week 3: Guess the Title

Answer: Pasta Grannies, Moon Milk, Fire Smoke Green and 365 Days of Drawing/365 Days of Art

Game of the Week Ans

Game of the Week Emoji Ans 2