Discover your Love Horoscope for 2021

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This Valentine's Day astrology author Stella Andromeda forecasts what's in store for your love life this year, according to your star sign

10 Feb 2021 |


From the June 10th solar eclipse through to the end of July is the best time for love, when singles are likely to meet someone new or established partnerships rediscover their spark. Mercury is retrograde from late May which may stall communication, but that’s not always a bad thing as it will allow you to take stock of a situation. Generally, with Aries’ ruling planet Mars in a good position, 2021 is very positive for love.



It may take until the summer for Mars to bring a renewed spark to your love life and then again when this powerful planet returns at the end of the year, which may find many of you finally making a commitment. The solar eclipse on December 4th could cause a temporary misunderstanding, and Venus is also retrograde a week later which could cause a delay in revealing your feelings, but by Christmas 2021 you will be celebrating. 



When your own planet Mercury goes retrograde in May, many Geminis will struggle to make yourself heard or your feelings understood, and this could even mean the end of or a change in one particular relationship. And a lunar eclipse in your opposite sign of Sagittarius on May 26th could obscure crucial information for a day or two, while a solar eclipse in Sagittarius on December 4th promises a renewed opportunity with your significant other.



It may be a quiet start to the year but when Venus enters your sign on June 2nd, this will bring a harmonious focus to an existing love affair or the possibility of an exciting new one. Pluto represents a turning point and with this planet in your sign for much of the year it suggests a deeper passion, while your feelings are further strengthened by the arrival of Mars in November, making the year-end a happy one.



Mars is powering up your subconscious courtesy of Pluto from late April for around eight weeks, and this will bring new purpose to your love life, which is well aspected for most of the year because of the influence of benevolent Jupiter. And for once, combined with Saturn, you will be less flighty and prepared to put the work into a relationship you care about, whether it’s a new or longstanding one. 



The rather practical way you usually approach your love life will be stirred up this year by a combination of planetary influences. First, by passionate and deep-thinking Pluto, and its retrograde period during April to October will find you reflecting on the benefits of this as a new intensity hits your love life. Mars will add fire to your feelings too, which will bring a passionate new spark to your relationship in November. 



Although life might feel rather relentless at times, what you learn this year from Saturn’s influence on how your love will help you decide about a commitment, or not. February’s Mercury retrograde combined with unpredictable Uranus is likely to bring back a past love which may impact on several relationships. It may take all year until your ruling planet Venus retrogrades in December to make a decision, but after the solar eclipse of December 4th it will be the right one. 



Between April and October, your ruling planet Pluto will be retrograde but this will help you review and re-evaluate various things in your love life that are past their sell-by date, because it allows you to dig deep into what you truly want from life. Neptune also supports your love life all year, allowing for imaginative and intimate unions, peaking in mid-May to July when Jupiter adds a positive influence. 



June’s Mercury retrograde could leave you feeling blocked and frustrated in your closest relationships but this will ease dramatically once it’s over. The good news is that your ruling planet Jupiter is strongly influencing you all year and exerts a beneficial influence on your love life. Combined with Mars from April to June this will also see a surge in passion. This could lead to a renewed or new commitment at the solar eclipse in your own sign on December 4th. 



Unpredictable Uranus will impact on your love life in February but could help create new ways to connect with your love, while your best months are over the summer, with lots of emphasis on intimacy after the solar eclipse on June 10th. Your ruling planet Saturn gives staying power during 2021, while a lunar eclipse on November 19th could yield some surprises, but nothing you can’t handle and will probably enjoy. 



Ruled by Uranus, you’ll welcome any surprises it brings in February and Jupiter will also help ensure that your love life is under favourable stars, with those who are still single finding love in the second half of the year. From mid-August and throughout September Mars brings fire to boost passion that many air signs find elusive, while Pluto’s retrograde in October finds you reflecting on strengthening a commitment. 



In 2021 your ruling planet Neptune will also work in harmony with Saturn to strengthen your empathy and compassion, lending wings to your closest relationships and love life, particularly when Mars gives you a boost in the intimacy sector of your sign in late August and September. This will also see you extending your family in a positive way, perhaps by having a baby or finally making a commitment to another.

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