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What does 2021 have in store for you? Welcome to Stella Andromeda's yearly star sign predictions

21 Jan 2021 | Stella Andromeda



March 21 - 20 April

Cardinal fire sign, depicted by the Ram and ruled by planet Mars.

Opposite sign: Libra

After three years in your sign, the taskmaster planet Saturn has finally left but the lessons you’ve learned will stand you in good stead with new work possibilities, or even a complete career change likely in the coming year. You’ve also got  a new moon in your sign on April 11th, which will undoubtedly spark new ideas and create further opportunities. Pluto, the planet of transformation, is in your work zone all year to assist you, along with Uranus, the unpredictable planet, but be aware that a lunar eclipse in your sign on November 19th may temporarily obscure things. The best time for love is from mid-June to the end of July, where singles will meet someone new or established partnerships rediscover their spark. Mercury is retrograde from late May and there’s a solar eclipse on June 10th, which will give you a second chance with someone or something new, in what is set to be a generally good year.



April 21 - 20 May

Fixed earth sign, depicted by the Bull and ruled by planet Venus.

Opposite sign: Scorpio

The planet Mars enters Taurus on January 6th and this will give you a boost of new year energy, and set you up for a year that promises to power new opportunities in your studies or career, particularly from April to mid-June. 2021 should see you make good progress generally and with some lucky breaks courtesy of the unpredictable planet Uranus, which is in your sign all year and this lends power particularly for those born between April 25th and May 6th. A solar eclipse on June 10th may briefly hide essential information on the money front, so be careful then. Mars also brings energy to your love life in late summer and again at the end of the year, which may find many of you finally making a commitment. The solar eclipse on December 4th could cause a temporary misunderstanding, and Venus is also retrograde a week later, which could cause a delay in revealing your feelings. 



May 21 - 20 June

Mutable air sign, depicted by the Twins and ruled by planet Mercury.

Opposite sign: Sagittarius

It’s when Gemini’s own planet Mercury goes retrograde in May that you may struggle to make yourself heard or your feelings understood, and this could even mean the end of one particular relationship. And a lunar eclipse in your opposite sign of Sagittarius on May 26th could obscure crucial information for a day or two, while a solar eclipse in Sagittarius on December 4th promises a renewed opportunity with a significant other. Generally 2021 will be a good year for your work or studies, with Jupiter having a particularly beneficial effect from mid-May to the end of July, although the effect of unpredictable planet Uranus throughout the year could yield some surprises. Another Mercury retrograde in October may affect communication with children you know (including your own if you have them) but overall you’ll make good progress in 2021 although perhaps in stops and starts.



June 21 - 21 July

Cardinal water sign depicted by the Crab and ruled by the planet Moon.

Opposite sign: Capricorn

For most of 2021, the watery planet Neptune will be stimulating your unconscious, leading to renewed creativity that is helped by both beneficial Jupiter and hard-working Saturn. As you are ruled by the moon, the lunar eclipse in Sagittarius of May 26th will affect you more than most, focusing your feelings on the idea of escape from work, either in body or mind and making it a good time to take a break. When Venus enters your sign on June 2nd, this will bring a harmonious focus to an existing love affair or the possibility of a new one. Then for around six weeks from mid-June, Mars will give your energy a boost, and you can reap the rewards of this with some time off later. With Pluto around in your sign for most of the year, there’s a deeper passion to be enjoyed and your love life will be further strengthened by the arrival of Mars in November through to mid-December, making the year end a happy one.



July 22 - 21 August

Fixed fire sign depicted by the Lion and ruled by the Sun.

Opposite sign: Aquarius

The first full moon of the year is in your sign on January 28th and this sets the tone for a vigorous, roaring start to 2021. Mars is powering up your subconscious mind from late April for around eight weeks and this will bring purpose to your ideas, particularly helping to motivate you and this energy will help get new projects off the ground, whether at home or at work. Your love life is well aspected for most of the year courtesy of benevolent Jupiter and, combined with Saturn, you will be prepared to put the work into a relationship you care about whether it’s a new or longstanding one. The lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26th will see you hatching plans for an escape of some sort, either for the body or mind, but it will refresh your batteries for the next six months. Overall, you will make a lot of progress this year and will see this reinforced at the time of the solar eclipse on December 4th.



August 22 - 21 September

Mutable earth sign depicted by the Maiden and ruled by planet Mercury.

Opposite sign: Pisces

The rather practical way you usually approach your love life will be stirred up this year by passionate Pluto, and its retrograde period during April to October will find you reflecting on the benefits of this as a new intensity in your love life surprises and pleases you. With Mercury as your ruling planet you will notice more than most when it’s retrograde and this year it occurs mainly in the sector of your horoscope concerned with money, making you reconsider the cautious ways in which you earn, save or spend it. In fact, with Mars particularly influencing your subconscious from mid-June through July, you may be reviewing your approach to other aspects of your life and, influenced by the unpredictable planet Uranus, this could be very exciting. If you are open to this, by the time of the solar eclipse on December 4th several breakthroughs will have occurred, ending 2021 on a positive note.



September 22 - 21 October

Cardinal air sign depicted by the Scales and ruled by planet Venus.

Opposite sign: Aries

Although it might feel rather relentless at times, what you learn this year from Saturn’s influence on your love life will help you discover to whom you will make a commitment, or not. February’s Mercury retrograde and unpredictable Uranus is likely to bring back a past love, which may impact on several relationships. It may take all year until your ruling planet Venus retrogrades in December to make a decision, but after the solar eclipse of December 4th it will be the right one. Meanwhile, energetic Mars’s influence from late-April for almost 10 weeks will fire up your work and studies and with very positive results, after which you can take a bit of a break. Neptune and Jupiter will also work some magic over the late summer, restoring some creativity to your life after the hard work. As ever with Libra there will be a nice balance to life if you work with, rather than against, these astrological trends. 



October 22 - 21 November

Fixed water sign depicted by the Scorpion and ruled by planet Pluto.

Opposite sign: Taurus

Between April and October, your ruling planet Pluto will be retrograde but this will help you review and re-evaluate various things from your work to love life that are past their sell-by date, because it allows you to dig deep into what you want from life. Neptune also supports your love life all year, allowing for imaginative and intimate unions, peaking in mid-May to July when Jupiter adds a positive influence. Everyone will be affected by the unpredictable planet Uranus in Aquarius, but this is a good thing shaking up the status quo and because Aquarius is all about humanity and new technologies, this is likely to affect you positively too. Mars’ planetary energy is also available to you in March and April and the June 4th solar eclipse may temporarily obscure the possible renewal of love or the return of a previous lover. Overall, if you’re prepared to work with these trends, 2021 promises good progress for you.



November 22 - 21 December

Mutable fire sign depicted by the Centaur and ruled by planet Jupiter.

Opposite sign: Gemini

Pluto, the planet of transformation, is in your financial sector all year, which may transform your fortune or your attitude towards how you earn or use your money. Uranus, too, may influence changes in your work life particularly in February. Pluto is also retrograde in Capricorn from the end of April to October, so you may find this is the time to work hard now to reap the rewards later. June’s Mercury retrograde could leave you feeling blocked and frustrated in your closest relationships but this will ease dramatically once it’s past. The good news is that your ruling planet Jupiter is strongly influencing you all year and exerts a beneficial influence on your love life. Combined with Mars from April to June this will also see a surge in passion. This could lead to a renewed or new commitment at the solar eclipse in your own sign on December 4th, once some initial misunderstandings have passed. 



December 22 - 20 January

Cardinal earth sign depicted by the Goat and ruled by planet Saturn.

Opposite sign: Cancer

A new moon in your sign on January 13th is a good time to set your intentions for the year ahead, especially as 2021 could occasionally prove tricky with Pluto retrograde in your sign from the end of April to the beginning of October. Use this time to focus on your deeper desires in love and work and then use Mars’ energy in October to give your intentions a boost. Saturn was on your back for most of 2020 but the lessons learned will aid your progress this year and hard work will come easily to you. In love, your best months are over the summer, with lots of emphasis on intimacy from mid-June to July. The impact of unpredictable Uranus on your love life in February may suggest new ways to connect with your love, while a lunar eclipse on November 19th could yield some surprises, but nothing you can’t handle and will probably enjoy. 



January 21 - 19 February

Fixed air sign depicted by the Water Carrier and ruled by planet Uranus.

Opposite sign: Leo

Mercury, the planet of communication, is retrograde in your sign for three weeks from January 30th and while everyone notices some effect you are likely to feel this more strongly in terms of communication glitches. But you have benevolent Jupiter in your sign until May, which returns in July and again in October. Jupiter will also help ensure that your love life is under favourable stars and those who are still single should find love in the second half of the year. Expect Jupiter to help balance the demanding Saturn, keeping your nose to the grindstone in your studies or at work all year, but ensuring that these efforts pay off. You can expect to make good progress at work this year in stops and starts thanks to unpredictable Uranus, but remember this is still progress. From mid-August through September Mars will give your love life a boost in the passion stakes, which will help strengthen a commitment. 



February 20 - 20 March

Mutable water sign depicted by two Fish and ruled by planet Neptune.

Opposite sign: Virgo

The new moon in your sign on March 13th is a good time to focus on your career, deciding where to direct your energies, which may mean a new job or a new location. Jupiter moves into your sign in May, where its benevolent focus stays until July, although it is also retrograde in June for a short time, which will give you pause for thought. Mars gives you a boost at work from mid-June to the end of July, which will see you working hard but your creativity benefits from your ruling planet Neptune being in your sign all year, and this combination will see your ideas fly. Neptune will also strengthen your empathy and compassion, lending wings to your relationships and love life, and in particular when Mars gives you a boost in the intimacy sector of your sign in late August and September. This will also see you extending your family in a positive way, perhaps by having a baby or by finally making a commitment to another.


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