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27 Mar 2018 |

With the books we're publishing this spring you can satisfy your wanderlust, learn how to do amazing things on a bbq, be inspired by a screen icon and get great tips on outdoor and indoor gardening, crafting and home styling. Oh, and we've thrown in some feel good royal romance for good measure. So what are you waiting for? Scroll down for our exciting list of books publishing this April.


Wander Love by Aubrey Daquinag aka The Love Assembly

A successful travel blogger and photographer, Aubrey Daquinag's enviable job takes her all over the world. Now she shares the secrets of her success to inspire other young women who would like to follow in her footsteps (if only for a weekend). Wander Love offers guidance on everything from how to plan your travel based on your interests, to travel photography and travel style. 

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Fire Food by Christian Stevenson aka DJ BBQ

From the world-renowned DJ BBQ comes Fire Food – a book that shows you how to ace the art of handling live fire so that you can grill, smoke and slow-roast meat, fish and veg that’s out of this world.

Pitmaster DJ BBQ covers all the basics of cooking over charcoal and shows you how to perfect classic recipes such as grilled chicken with Alabama white sauce or a succulent rib-eye steak, and delves into more inventive cookout delights including a BBQ spaghetti Bolognese, and poutine with bourbon- and maple syrup-spiked gravy.

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Pocket Elizabeth Taylor

As one of the most renowned actresses of all time, Elizabeth Taylor starred in many of the 20th century’s most unforgettable films, including Giant, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?. Known and loved throughout the world for her striking beauty and generous humanitarian efforts, Elizabeth’s legacy lives on today.
Pocket Elizabeth Taylor Wisdom celebrates this incredible woman by highlighting her most memorable and wittiest quotes on life, fame, activism, love, beauty and more. Beautifully packaged and inspirational with every turn of the page, this collection pays homage to a true icon.

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Goat by James Whetlor

We should all be eating more goat. It’s sustainable, ethical, highly nutritious and low in calories. Why, then, does it remain so underused and misunderstood? This book tells the story of how food and farming culture developed in the west without the help of this staple of global agriculture, and showcases the best recipes from around the world using this fabulous beast.

Essential reading for anyone with even a passing interest in food and the way we eat today, and set to be the definitive guide on the subject for years to come, Goat is a genre-defining book.

50 per cent of the royalties from the book will be donated to Farm Africa.

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I Like Birds Stationery Range

I Like Birds is a Scottish brand producing bird-themed designs with universal appeal for use on stationery, household textiles, mugs, greetings cards, prints, calendars and all manner of other bird-based bits and bobs.

We're very excited to bring you this lovely stationery range which include an A5 notebook, notecards, address book, gift wrap and a jotter pad, all featuring the beautiful I Like Birds illustrations. 

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