Sew Your Own Wardrobe - Pattern Downloads

The Great British Sewing Bee: Sew Your Own Wardrobe is the official tie-in to the second series of this popular primetime BBC TWO show. 

The book is accompanied by a pack of five full-size pattern sheets, containing a traceable pattern piece for every piece needed to sew the garments, so you can get stitching straight away. The pattern pieces are also available as a pdf download by clicking on the links below

      A4 Patterns
GBSB_1930s Blouse
GBSB_1960s Coat
GBSB_Aztec Leggings
GBSB_Baby's Dunagrees
GBSB_Baby’s Dress and Knickers
GBSB_Bowling Shirt
GBSB_Box-Pleat Skirt
GBSB_Draped Top 
GBSB_Easy-Sew Short Skirt 
GBSB_Full-Skirted Dress 
GBSB_Girl's Dress 
GBSB_Men's Shirt
GBSB_Men's Trousers
GBSB_Pencil Skirt
GBSB_Prom Dress
GBSB_Shift Dress
GBSB_Silk Tunic
GBSB_Simple T-Shirt
GBSB_Slip Dress
GBSB_Teddy Pramsuit
GBSB_Wrap Dress
GBSB_Yoke Skirt

Download Instructions
Every pattern piece needed to make all of garments in The Great British Sewing Bee: Sew Your Own Wardrobe book can be found above. All you have to do is click on the name of the project you want to make and follow the prompts to download that particular pattern template. The pieces that you need are always listed in the Cutting Guide instructions supplied at the beginning of each project within the book.

Once you have downloaded the pattern pieces, you simply need to print out all the pages from that pdf file onto separate sheets of A4 paper. The pdf has been formatted to print on standard A4 paper (297mm x 210mm) and must be printed at 100%. Some pattern pieces fit neatly onto a single sheet of paper, whereas others are too large and so carry on over two or more sheets. To piece together the pattern templates that are too large to fit onto a single sheet, lay out all the A4 pages and match up the the corresponding black boxes – for example, place the two boxes labelled 2B together. Once each sheet is match up with its adjoining pages, trim each page along the crop marks with a ruler and a craft knife or cut neatly with scissors. Next, tape all the pages together in sequence. Repeat to attach any additional pages as necessary.

Copyright notice

The pattern pieces provided with The Great British Sewing Bee: Sew Your Own Wardrobe, either as the full-size pattern pieces accompanying the book or downloaded from this website, and the items created from them are for personal use only. Commercial use of either the patterns or items made from them is strictly prohibited.