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02 November 2017

Andrew Marr in Conversation with Caroline Campbell

Hosted By: The National Gallery

Sainsbury Wing Theatre, The National Gallery, Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 5DN | 2 Feb 2018 06:30 PM

Writer and broadcaster Andrew Marr discusses his favourite National Gallery paintings, his artistic practice, and his new book, 'A Short Book About Painting', with Caroline Campbell, the Jacob Rothschild Head of the Curatorial Department.

In a broad-ranging conversation, they will explore the creative and highly physical act of painting and its meanings for Marr, as well as questions such as, 'What constitutes good art?'

Event details:

Friday 2nd February 2018

6.30 -7.30pm

Sainsbury Wing Theatre, The National Gallery, Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 5DN

Tickets - £16 / £15 conc. / £14 members

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About the book

In A Short Book About Painting, writer and broadcaster Andrew Marr tackles the subjects of inspiration, creativity, politics, beauty and form. How does the artist make good work? What constitutes “good”? How important is technique – and the imagination?
Following a serious stroke in 2013 that left him partially paralysed, Marr struggled with the physical rigours of painting using oils. This led to his wrestling with some of the very fundamental questions about painting as an art form in itself ­ and to interrogate himself daily about brushstrokes, colour balance, line and texture. Using his own work in progress as examples of failures, and examples of techniques from classical artists right up to the present day, Marr examines how the painter can improve and learn from his or her mistakes.
Marr’s provocative, political and instructive book is not just an essential resource for all amateur painters, it is a must-read for anyone fascinated by the creative process and the limits of human artistic achievement.

A Short Book About Painting by Andrew Marr is available in good shops that sell books and online from Amazon and Waterstones