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The Witching Hours


The Brothers Grimm meets Stranger Things in this brand-new series for only the bravest of readers.

Anna and Max love scary stories – but when the children find a mysterious knife on a dark and stormy night, truth soon becomes stranger than fiction. Dragged into a world of monsters and magic, will the siblings find a way to survive?

The Witching Hours is a spine-tinglingly spooky six-book series for readers 8+ from Jack Henseleit, a young, Melbourne-based creative writing graduate who grew up obsessed with fairy-tales.

Readers of Skulduggery Pleasant, The Keepers and The Spiderwick Chronicles will love The Witching Hours.

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  • Praise for The Witching Hours:

    'This adventure has aspects of horror and monsters that will delight those who enjoy a little scary in their reading. I simply can't wait to sick my teeth into the next instalment.'

    - Jess, Book Bonding

  • 'The Vampire Knife is something new and different for kids who like the idea of being a little bit scared. Parents can be assured of a happy, safe ending... for now, anyway!'

    - Jackie, My Little Bookcase

Books in The Witching Hours series

About The Witching Hours author:

Jack Henseleit was born on a winter evening in 1991, just after the stroke of midnight. When the weather is dark and stormy, he writes fairy tales – real fairy tales, where witches and goblins play tricks on unwary girls and boys. Not all of the tales have happy endings.

The Vampire Knife is his first novel.