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‘I was defrauded in a property deal. Now that takes a bit of courage for me to say, because I'm a banker and I'm meant to be above all of that. It was an extremely unpleasant experience. And what became clear to me through my experience is that fraud isn't just a police problem. It's a community problem. And all of us have a responsibility.' - Bill Moss Bill Moss is a banker. And not just any banker but one of Australia's most powerful. As Executive Director of Macquarie Bank and Chief Executive of the bank's Banking and Property Group, Bill heads a group of more than 900 people and property investments worth $7 billion. In the late 1990s Bill was defrauded in a property deal - and by a close friend. When he took the matter to the NSW Fraud Squad, he was told, sorry, but they could not help him! The result of that unsettling meeting galvanised Bill Moss into action. He decided to take responsibility as an individual, and as a banker, to raise community awareness of fraud, and what began as one Macquarie Fraud Lecture to highlight the problem grew into a series.The resulting media attention shone a spotlight on fraud in all its variations - from banking, to property investment, to identity, and to housing and renovation frauds. ‘The really great news', says Bill ‘is that there is a legion of conscientious Australian men and women fighting fraud on a daily basis, even as the crooks are plotting their next scam.' Aussie Fraud Busters is the neverbefore- told personal journeys of our fraud fighters and their top tips on how to protect yourself from becoming a fraud statistic.

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Fiction , Non-Fiction


Hardie Grant Books


01 February 2005


Macquarie Bank