Adrian C. Bott

Adrian Bott is a lifelong gamer and storyteller. As a teen he worked for video-gaming magazines as a professional adventure-solver. His dream of writing for a living was side-tracked for ten years while he ran a bookshop specialising in folklore, the paranormal and magic. He eventually tired of the peculiar customers, and sensibly chose to return to fantasy as a full-time writer of role-playing and computer games.

When Adrian moved with his family back to the Sussex countryside where he’d grown up, it seemed the perfect time to pursue his original dream of writing for children. He’s helped dozens of people tell their stories over the years – having written and collaborated on over fifty titles, under ten different pseudonyms – and now has a few of his own to share. Axel & BEAST is Adrian's first junior-fiction series under his own name.

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Books by Adrian C. Bott