Nancy Singleton Hachisu

An award-winning author of three books, Japanese Farm FoodPreserving the Japanese Way, and Japan: The CookbookNancy Singleton Hachisu has lived in the Japanese countryside for more than three decades.

Hachisu appears frequently in Japanese media, documenting her preserving and farm food life as well as visits to artisanal producers in more remote areas of Japan as an indefatigable champion of shining a light on the value and continuing importance of Japanese traditional foodways. She also assisted on and appeared in the Salt episode of Netflix's runaway hit: Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat.

In his May 25, 2028 review of MTN: Venice, the legendary LA Times food critic Jonathan Gold deferred to 'Japanese cookbook writer Nancy Singleton Hachisu, who knows more about these kinds of things than practically anybody.'

And according to food icon Alice Waters, 'Nancy has ... dedicated her life to finding and revealing the local flavours and ingredients that have been cornerstones of Japanese cooking for centuries.'

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