Making the Dan Murphy’s Buyer’s Guide more relevant

Liquor giant Dan Murphy’s approached us in 2014 wanting to give their Buyer’s Guide a more customer­-centric focus. The idea had to appeal to readers’ interests and passions without impacting the successful track record of driving product sales. 

The print guide is distributed 4 times a year, with a circulation of over a million copies, anchored to major retail events.


    We decided to transform the publication from a simple sales tool to something useful for customers. By putting products in a customer context – highlighting use and benefit – we would add genuine value.


    We created fresh content readers loved, while meeting the merchandising team’s brief. To ensure ROI, a balance between editorial and product promotion was essential; introducing content that would give context but still allow the products to shine. Seasonal features were created to broaden awareness of liquor options and encourage consideration of different categories and brands.


    Since the new content plan’s inception, there has been a steady upward trend in sales directly attributed to the new­-look Buyer’s Guide. The Christmas 2015 edition resulted in 15.5% sales growth (YOY), clearly showing the effectiveness of our customer­-centric approach.

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