Food & Drink

From cookbooks for beginners with quick and easy recipes, to gourmet dishes that will excite even professional chefs, there is something to satisfy all tastes with our beautiful selection of food & drink books. Learn more about a classic cuisine or discover a new food trend. Browse new vegetarian cookbooks, vegan cookbooks and diet cookbooks, full of delicious healthy recipes from the likes of The Green Kitchen. Let our experts chefs introduce you to the cuisines of the world with one of our regional cookbooks, such as José Pizarro’s bestselling book Basque or Katie and Giancarlo Caldesi’s lauded guides to regional Italian cookery. Or indulge your sweet tooth with one of the mouth-watering dessert recipes in our beautiful baking books. For people who enjoy a drink there is also a wonderful range of bestselling wine guides and cocktail books that will have you pouring the perfect Prosecco and mixing the best gin cocktails in no time. We also have plenty of non-alcoholic ideas for mocktails, smoothies and more…

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