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Shannon Martinez

Shannon Martinez has cooked since she can remember and, due to her outside-the-box, innovative talents, she's contributed to kitchens across Melbourne over the past nearly 20 years. Shannon is an unlikely candidate to be the poster girl for plant-based dining, as she eats meat – but she is and she's unstoppable. Her unique perspective gives this mega-talented chef the capability to create perfect tastes and textures, rather than pumping out bland and predictable vegan food. Mo Wyse is a Seattle and NY expat. She studied journalism and has a background in production, but dedicated her passion for creative, plant-based food to creating Smith & Daughters and Smith & Deli, where she is the logistical, front-of-house and marketing brains of the team. Together Mo and Shannon run the hugely successful vegan eateries, Smith & Daughters and Smith & Deli, in Melbourne, Australia.

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