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We’re an award-winning Australian content marketing agency that develops quality branded content and integrated marketing strategies to help build brands, fuel relationships and increase engagement between our clients and their customers.

Our people

Our team is experienced, multi-skilled, and coordinated. And we get results.

Visionary people - Management & Strategy

This group of experienced management and strategy folk have grown their careers through publishing, marketing communications and travel. Between them, they have many decades of experience gained in Australia and the UK.

Day in and day out they work together to ensure Hardie Grant Media remains at the forefront of the changing media and communications landscape and continually delivers the quality we're known for. 

What's their recipe for success? Empathy, a healthy risk appetite, maintaining the balance, staying curious, and having fun.

  1. Fiona Hardie, Chair
  2. Nick Hardie-Grant, Managing Director
  3. Clare Brundle, Deputy Managing Director
  4. Kate Thompson, Strategy Director

People people – Account Management

Our Account Management team spend their days supporting clients and getting to know their business. Whether it's remembering your coffee order, or hand-delivering a proof, they go out of their way to make things happen. 

Between them, they have some highly specialised publishing experience in custom books, deep knowledge of the travel category, plenty of exposure to customer and direct marketing, and a great grasp of the modern ways of digital. 

But, what sets them apart from other client services people is their dedication to the work and building partnerships that can endure. 

  1. Scott Elmslie, Account Director
  2. Hannah Louey, Account Manager
  3. Ziba Mahabat, Senior Account Manager
  4. Courtney Nicholls, Publishing Manager

Ideas people – Content and Design

While we recognise that a great idea can come from anywhere, we have some pretty talented creative types who are especially crafty. Our Sydney and Melbourne teams include editors, art directors, and designers; and no challenge is too great. 

Some recent and notable projects include award-nominated work on HCF's Health Agenda magazine, refreshing the visual identity and tone of the Dan Murphy's Buyers Guide, reimagining the design and editorial concept for Virgin Australia's in-flight magazine, helping relaunch ANZIIF's The Journal magazine, and taking Australian Unity's Flourish magazine to new heights. 

Be sure to view our case studies to see their latest work.

  1. Dallas Budde, Art Director (Melbourne)
  2. Sophie Knox, Managing Editor (Sydney)
  3. Lucy Siebert, Head of Editorial (Melbourne)
  4. Daniel Morley, Art Director (Sydney)

Persuasive people – Commercial

Unlike many other media, creative and content agencies, Hardie Grant Media manages ad sales, editorial, design and strategy together. This really sets us apart because we can take a more holistic 'big picture' approach to delivering end-to-end value for our clients.

Our commercial people are senior leaders with a strong background in custom and owned media and knack for knowing what is a good fit for a brand and what might be best to avoid. They take a 'people-first' approach to media and recognise the importance of relevance and context in a customer's journey. Supported by a deep pool of talented sales superstars in Sydney and Melbourne, they know how to kick goals.

In today's ever-evolving media environment, top of mind for them is technology, data and delivering personalisation.

  1. Lauren Casalini, Sales Director
  2. Christine Dixon, Publishing Director


Support 'people' - Office dogs

Assisting in everything from client service to shredding sensitive documents and general team support, the Hardie Grant office dogs play an important role in the quality of our work. The current team consists of:

  1. Peppa (English Bulldog): not quite as lean as our long-standing dog logo, our Melbourne office bulldog keeps herself busy by chewing books, over-exerting herself and sleeping.

Our story

After a decade working in the UK publishing industry, Fiona Hardie and Sandy Grant returned to Australia and imagined how they could meet the custom publishing demands of the local market. In 1998, Hardie Grant Media (known then as Hardie Grant Magazines) was born. 

While our custom magazine roots taught us the power of perfect words blended with beautiful design, our work now comes to life everywhere! You’re likely to consume our ideas as websites, iPad magazines, content-rich apps, emails, social media, books and e-books, guidebooks, maps and more. 

Today we are Australia’s largest independent content and custom publishing agency.

Life at Hardie Grant Media

Creating great content to fuel strategies that are just right takes a special kind of person. It’s all about balance. Our people are passionate about using content to tell stories, connect people to brands, and improve their lives. But we also love people with interests outside of work, who are curious about the world, and who have a positive attitude to life. 
We think it’s important to take care of our team and invest in ways that help them to be at their best every day. Life at Hardie Grant Media consists of:

Ongoing learning and development – there’s regular training and access to events, conferences, seminars, and lunch and learns, working groups, special projects and mentoring. 

Flexible working hours – we know people have lives, kids, study – even pets – so we won’t lock you to your desk. We manage our people based on the work they do, not just by being physically present.  

Ideas Hack – twice a year we take a day out of the office to tackle a creative brief outside our normal day jobs.  

Extra half days – to encourage work/life balance we give an extra half day every quarter. Sleep in one morning, head off to the beach for the arvo, or spend time with your dog... 

The office space – spacious open plan offices in Melbourne and Sydney encourages transparency, creativity and helps us work together.  

Top Dog Awards – monthly staff awards for those best living our values through their role in the team. 

Refer a friend – our staff are our best ambassadors and in turn our best recruiters. Refer a friend and we owe you. 

Helping where we can – we have a strong partnership with a very deserving charity partner, as well as giving staff days off to volunteer. 

Engagement committee – we have a clear goal to be an employer of choice and have a committee in place to help this happen. 

Part of the group – we’re always thinking big picture and adopting global best practices by connecting in with Hardie Grant’s 230 staff across Melbourne, Sydney, London and San Francisco offices using tools like Yammer and Skype to share and collaborate.

If you’re interested in working with us, visit the Hardie Grant Careers page or find us on LinkedIn.

Hardie Grant Media is a proud member of the Content Marketing Association – one of the world's leading industry associations for marketing, publishing, advertising and social agencies.

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