Wildlife Compendium of the World Awe-inspiring Animals from Every Continent

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From amphibians and reptiles to monotremes and pilosa, discover our world of enchanting fauna in this stunning, illustrated book, Wildlife Compendium of the World by Tania McCartney.

Divided by continent, and with a handy map opener, you can explore some of the wildest, weirdest and cutest animals that call Earth home. Each animal profile includes the Latin name, type, diet, size, weight, conservation status, curious facts about the species, and the collective noun or baby name for that animal.

Meet a slug that resembles a banana and a fuzzball mammal with 90 strands of hair per follicle. Marvel at an ant that burns like fire, a pig-beaver-hippo-cow-camel hybrid that eats its own poop, and a creature with the shortest lifespan on Earth (five minutes!). Discover that a group of bears is called a sloth and a baby lizard is called a hatchling.
Wildlife Compendium of the World also features sections on animal types and environments, animal rights, a word glossary and the conservation status of each animal. With a lustrous textured cover, this book is a wonderful resource and the perfect gift for children and adults alike.


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28cm x 22cm






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03 May 2023


Tania McCartney

Tania McCartney is a book creator. She has made over 60 books for children and adults, and has illustrated, edited and designed many of them, too. Her works have shortlisted and won an array of awards, and have reached the hands of children in more than 20 countries around the globe. A children's literacy ambassador and the founder of Kids’ Book Review and The Happy Book podcast, Tania is also the author/illustrator of the