Welcome to Your Boobs Your easy, no-silly-questions guide to your breast friends

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The perfect guide to dealing with boobs, bras and more for tweens and teens! From the multi-award-winning authors of Welcome to Your Period and Welcome to Consent: adolescent health expert Dr Melissa Kang (a former Dolly Doctor) and Ladies, We Need to Talk host, Yumi Stynes.

There's no getting around it – boobs can be pretty weird! Even though just about EVERYONE, of every gender, gets at least some boob growth when they hit puberty. So whether you're worried your boobs won't grow, or that they are growing too quickly, this book is has all the info in a perfectly reassuring, inclusive, intersectional and entertaining package! Including:
  • Are my boobs ‘normal’? 
  • How do I look after them? 
  • Why do boobs hurt sometimes? 
  • Do I have to wear a bra? How do I even BUY a bra?
  • What does safe binding look like?
  • Hairy nipples!?
  • How do I deal with awkward or uncomfortable boob situations?
  • And is it all right to sometimes feel a bit annoyed about the whole boob situation?
This little book is packed with honest advice on all the things you need to know: from the easiest way to put on a bra, to the nitty gritty of the titty, to why boobs get so much attention. Welcome To Your Boobs includes case studies, first-person accounts, and questions from real teens, answered by real experts – US. Don’t worry – you’ve got this!

Discover the whole Welcome To series by Dr Melissa Kang and Yumi Stynes:

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18cm x 14cm




Welcome To You


Hardie Grant Children's Publishing


16 February 2022


Melissa Kang

Most people know Dr Melissa Kang as the longest-serving expert behind the iconic Dolly Doctor column, but she’s also a practising medical doctor for marginalised young people and has academic roles at the University of Technology Sydney and the University of Sydney. She is fifth-generation Malaysian-Chinese Anglo-Australian, which makes specialising in adolescent sexuality and sexual health all


Yumi Stynes

Yumi Stynes is a writer, broadcaster, television presenter, food fanatic, fitness enthusiast and mother-of-four - including two teenage girls. Among her daily responsibilities she presents a national radio show on the KIIS network called The 3pm Pickup.  She also hosts an ABC podcast about women's health called Ladies, We Need to Talk. The podcast focuses on female sexuality and social issues and is


Jenny Latham

Jenny Latham is an illustrator from the United Kingdom. Since graduating from Falmouth University in 2019, Jenny has illustrated all four books in the best-selling Welcome to series by Dr Melissa Kang and Yumi Stynes. Jenny's biggest passion is making people feel empowered, positive and proud.