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Slow Travel Reconnecting with the World at Your Own Pace

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It can be challenging to travel in the modern world without falling for the temptations of fast planes, cheap airlines, last-minute tickets, quick-fix travel apps and overzealous tour operators. To actually take a back seat, and allow yourself time to embrace the ebb and flow of travel, requires a more thoughtful and philosophical way of journeying. Slow Travel is a beautifully designed and practical compendium of places, activities, tours and experiences that will inspire you to get on the road in your own time and on your own terms. This book explores slow travel as a physical or philosophical endeavor, taking readers off the beaten track and through nature, and unveils journeys that will nurture talent and ignite the inner-self. You could decide to cruise slow-mo down Egypt’s Nile on a 19th-century steam ship, visit ancient dzongs and temples in Bhutan or learn the art of sourdough baking in Venice. There are features on the world’s best wellness escapes, digital-detox destinations and ‘slo-tels’ (hotels where long minimum stays and remote locations ensure full immersion). Along with compelling information, interviews and imagery, you'll find a how-to guide of helpful tips, from planning for slow travel to what music to listen to in the slow zone. In this fast-paced world, it's worth adjusting your vacation time to a pace we can all strive to keep up with. read more

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Hardie Grant Travel


01 December 2019


Penny Watson

Penny Watson is a trained journalist and award-winning travel writer with a serious case of wanderlust. She has travelled the world, written feature articles for countless magazines, newspapers and blogs, and researched a number of guidebooks including Punk Publishing’s Cool Camping Europe guide and Lonely Planet’s Australia guide. She is also the author of Hong Kong Precincts, London Pocket