KidQuest The game where kids find out what grown-ups were like as kids!

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With the KidQuest deck, kids ask the coolest questions in their quest to learn about the adults in their lives! The adults kids love were kids once—what were they like? With KidQuest, kids take charge and ask adults questions to find out. With 100 cards in eight categories (Home, School, Friends, Work, Personality, Inner Life, Big Life, and Humor), kids ask adults thoughtful as well as “just for fun” questions about what it was like to be a kid. The result? More connected relationships and lots of laughs! Perfect for game night, car rides, bedtime, or mealtime—anytime, really! A bonus game component lets kids give points to an adult’s responses, and a “Celebration" card lets kids ask anything they want! Let the kid questing begin! FUN AND ENGAGING QUESTION GAME: With KidQuest, kids take charge and ask adults questions about what it was like to be a kid. Topics are diverse and lend themselves to conversation, growth, and laughter—the ideal ingredients for family bonding time. CREATED BY A KID, FOR KIDS: After asking hundreds of questions to get to know what his parents and grandparents were like when they were kids, game co-creator Everest van der Zwan inspired his mom to write the questions down and share them with other parents. The result? A game that will resonate with kids! BUILDS MEANINGFUL RELATIONSHIPS: KidQuest helps kids connect and learn from adults with humor, depth, and, most importantly, fun. With cards covering so many topics—how to make friends, save money, deal with fears, thrive at school, nurture health, understand relationships and emotions, and more—there are opportunities to facilitate open communication and trust. A FUN ALTERNATIVE TO SCREEN TIME: Caregivers often seek ways to limit screen time. KidQuest is ideal for being present together. The game fits in the palm of your hand, making it easy to take on road trips or keep handy during mealtimes: it’s the perfect anywhere-anytime conversation starter! GO-TO GIFT: With an irresistible, family-forward hook and a focus on openness and togetherness, this is THE game for parents to give to kids. It’s an investment in relationships, which is truly priceless. Perfect for kids who want to know more about the grown-ups in their lives; parents, grandparents, and caregivers looking for conversation starters with their kids; families looking for a fun game to play together; and gift-givers looking for an activity that encourages togetherness.

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7cm x 9cm






Chronicle Books


29 October 2024


Ariane de Bonvoisin


Everest van der Zwan