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Encounters with Peggy Guggenheim An intimate collection of behind-the-scenes photos featuring the legendary art collector

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Born into a wealthy New York family in 1928, Marguerite 'Peggy' Guggenheim one of the greatest art collectors of the 20th century. Using her inheritance to open her first art gallery, Peggy's love of art lead to to eventually settle in Venice, where she relaunched her life after becoming the star of the 1948 Venice Art Biennale. For her, a life without the inspiration of her artist and writer friends would have been just as unthinkable as a life without art per se. 

In Encounters with Peggy Guggenheim, renowned photographer stefan moses reveals his collection of photographs of Peggy, taken between 1969 and 1974, many which have never been seen before. Striking, eccentric and dramatic, Moses' photographed Peggy in her favourite places around Venice, as well as in her private palazzo at Canal Grande. See her Peggy as she glides on her gondola with her Lhasa apso dogs, wearing her iconic butterfly glasses made by Edward Melcarth – the quickness and talent of moses captures the character of this true eccentric.

An inspiration for art-, photography- and fashion-lovers alike, Encounters with Peggy Guggenheim is a behind-the-scenes look at of one of the world's most eccentric and inspirational women.

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28cm x 22cm






Biography and Memoir , Art and Photography


Hardie Grant Books


01 October 2018


stefan moses

Born in Silesia in 1928, stefan moses lived in Munich from 1950 until his death in 2018. During World War II he was detained in a Nazi concentration camp, but managed to escape in 1945, and despite the horrors, remained in Germany. Here he began to document photo essays of the country's inhabitants, including prominent artists, writers, intellectuals, street-sweepers and the working classes. He was one of the most