Martin Chatterton

Martin Chatterton grew up in Liverpool, England. As a small child, he loved books by Dr Seuss and Richard Scarry, and later enjoyed reading Richmal Crompton, Agatha Christie and Ian Fleming, among others. He names Dr Seuss as the biggest influence on his work.

Moving to London to attend Kingston University in the early 1980s, Martin graduated in Graphic Design. He then worked as a designer and illustrator in advertising and publishing. He has taught graphic design to university students and formed a design company. After living and working in the USA, he now lives in northern NSW with his wife (also a designer and illustrator) and two children.

Martin has illustrated more than a hundred fiction and non-fiction titles. In the late 1980s he began to write his own books for children. He has now written and illustrated more than twenty of his own titles. He is the author of the Shakespearian comedy series that gives Andy Griffith a run for his money, Willy Waggledagger -  By the Picking of My Nose (March 2009), A Belt Around My Bum (September 2009) and Chew Bee or Not Chew Bee (February 2011).

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Books by Martin Chatterton