Manoj Dias

Since first being introduced to the magic of meditation decades ago and embarking on his own journey to become a teacher, Manoj Dias has helped thousands of people to embrace stillness of mind and body, enabling them to live fearlessly on the path to a happier and more meaningful life. His teaching and practice is informed by Buddhist philosophy, psychology and social justice principles, with an emphasis on creating accessibility for everyone. 

After training under renowned teachers Dr Miles Neale, Channa Dassanayaka and Joe Loizzo, Manoj has based himself between the US and Australia for the past five years, teaching meditation and mindfulness across both continents. 

In 2015 he founded A-SPACE, Australia’s first drop-in meditation studio, in Melbourne, and in 2020 he became the co-founder of Open, a California-based wellness platform incorporating meditation, movement, music, sound healing and breathwork. He is also the co-founder of the Australian/New Zealand arm of EVRYMAN, a men’s emotional intelligence movement; Australia’s first global ambassador for international wellness apparel company Lululemon; and is among the most sought-after teachers and public speakers in the world. 

Manoj's proudest achievement of all is his daughter, Taylah. 

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