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Jack Manning Bancroft

Jack Manning Bancroft is the CEO and Founder of AIME (www.aimementoring.com). In 2005, as a then 19-year-old uni student, Jack founded the AIME Program with 25 Indigenous kids in Redfern. AIME incorporated in 2008 and Jack became a CEO at the age of 22.

Jack is now one of Australia's youngest CEOs leading a team of nearly 100 staff across the country and in 2013, AIME was voted 26th in BRW's Best Places to Work. Today, AIME works with over 3,500 Indigenous high school students and 1250 university student acting as mentors across Australia. 

Over the last four years, back-to-back, AIME students have finished school at almost the same rate as every Australian child. By 2018, AIME seeks to expand across the nation to connect with 10,000 Indigenous high school kids annually and have all of these kids finishing school at the same rate as every Australian child.

In recognition of AIME's impact, Jack was named 2010 NSW Young Australian of the Year, 2010 Young People's Australian Human Rights Medallist and received the University of Sydney 2010 Young Alumni of the Year Award.

Jack is also the CEO and a Founder of Fone Free Feb www.fonefreefeb.com and a graduate of the University of Sydney and Stanford.

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