Giuseppe Santamaria

Toronto-born, Sydney resident Giuseppe Santamaria has been photographing stylish men and women for many years, but most recently in his blogs ‘Men in this Town’ and ‘Women in this Town’. These blogs, or more accurately, Giuseppe's understanding of street style, quickly garnered a dedicated following. Giuseppe also self-publishes a quarterly Men in This Town magazine. He was previously deputy art director for Fairfax newspaper's Good Weekend magazine.

Giuseppe is guided in his work by what he describes as his realisation that there is more than one way to be a man – something he believes many young men grapple with. While his photography captures men across age demographics, he believes that when men are young they are experimenting with style. "But by 35, you think you have it and you want to share it with others." In many ways, that's what his books – and his blogs – allow them to do. Giuseppe is the author of three books – Men in this Town, Women in this Town and Men in this Town: Alone in a Crowd. 

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Books by Giuseppe Santamaria