Gillian Ward

A member of the Hobart botanical artists group Botaniko, Gillian Ward is a reference librarian, researcher, artist, photographer and graphic designer.Gillian worked for many years at the University of Tasmania Library as a librarian and exhibition curator. While there, she curated a beautiful selection of botanical paintings by Olive Pink entitled 'Miss Pink's Wildflowers', which was drawn from a large collection of Olive Pink's paintings held at the library. This exhibition inspired Gillian's ongoing research on Olive Pink's life and was the impetus for her book Olive Pink: Artist, Activist & Gardener.Gillian lives in Hobart, Tasmania, only 800 metres from where Olive Pink grew up. She has a keen interest in history, gardens, plants and gardening and is a member of the Australian Garden History Society and the Tasmanian Historical Research Association. Gillian has a BA (UTAS), a BFA (UTAS) and a Grad Dip Lib (UTAS).

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Books by Gillian Ward