Emma Flannery

Emma Flannery is a science communicator, who has co-written many of the best-selling Explore Your World books with her father, Tim. Her curiosity for the natural world has seen her travel and work in some of its most wild and interesting places. She has explored caves, forests and oceans across most of the globe’s continents in search of the elusive fossils, animals and plants that help us understand our planet and who we are in it. With postgraduate experience in geology, chemistry and palaeontology, Emma’s research and writing has been published in scientific journals, children’s books and a number of museum-based adult education tours. She has worked for and with universities, government agencies and museums. She is the co-founder of Museophilliac, an independent curatorial service that has produced programs for the City of Sydney and the Australian Museum, with the aim of bringing science to life for a range of audiences. Her passion for science has an infectious and playful enthusiasm that inspires curiosity in children and adults alike. 

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Books by Emma Flannery