Colin Wood

Colin Wood started his culinary path in Perth, Australia before rising to the ranks of Head Chef at Cumulus Inc. in Melbourne’s CBD and then Development Chef for Andrew McConnell. It was during this time that Wood uncovered his passion for cheesemaking, and, under the tutelage of cheesemaker Richard Thomas, Wood refined his craft and established the first in-house Dairy Program for Cutler & Co. In 2017, Wood headed to New York City where he was the Culinary Director for Ignacio Mattos at Flora Bar, Estela and Altro Paradiso, before returning to Australia and establishing cheesemaking collaborations with Poly, AP Bakery and Wildflower Brewing & Blending in Sydney. In mid 2023, Wood opened Goldstreet Dairy. An artisan micro-cheesery based inside Wildflower in Marrickville, New South Wales, where he produces fresh and aged cheese and dairy products made with local Camden Valley Farm milk.

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