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Christopher Milne

When successful actor and screenwriter Christopher Milne became a father, he found himself reading books at bedtime to his two boys. He quickly discovered that if he told them stories about good boys and girls doing very good things all the time, they were bored stupid. But if he told them stories about naughty kids doing rotten, disgusting things, his sons would scream for more.
‘We want more of those naughty stories!’
OK,’ Chris would reply. ‘But only if you’ve been good.’ And so the Naughty Stories for Good Boys and Girls were born 21 years ago.
Rejection by 16 Australian publishers didn’t deter Chris from self-publishing and going on to sell an impressive 600,000 copies. This year Chris and Melbourne publisher, Hardie Grant Egmont, will celebrate this milestone by releasing his Naughty Stories in a new format guaranteed to entertain another generation of Good Boys and Girls.

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