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Building and nurturing new customer relationships with content marketing

Australian Unity engaged Hardie Grant Media in late 2015 to develop a relationship marketing strategy that would establish and maintain a positive relationship between the Independent and Assisted Living division of Australian Unity and a new cohort of clients previously serviced by the NSW Government. The objectives were many: on board clients and ensure they felt welcome, build brand engagement, drive retention, and ultimately sustain client satisfaction.

    As a group who rely on in-home support and care but don’t want to be seen as incapable, we knew the creative territory had to be empathetic, yet not paternalistic; and celebrate clients’ desire to remain active and connected to community. Research had also revealed many clients were not aware of Australian Unity, and a large number of individuals might be sceptical of the move to a corporate service provider. It was important to engender confidence, demonstrate understanding, and above all – be human. Highlighting Australian Unity’s brand promise to help people “thrive” was central to the strategy.

    Intended to heighten brand engagement and customer satisfaction through warm, honest and inspiring content and storytelling, Flourish magazine was born. First published in June 2016 the publication exists as a print magazine, reflecting media habits of a primarily over 60s group with limited access to the Internet, and is also shared across web, audio and social media formats to feed the broader Australian Unity content strategy. Packed with inspiring, personable content to feed curiosity, stimulate new interests, and engender community, Flourish comes to life with beautiful photography heavily focused on client stories, and considered, intelligent design.

    Recent audience research has revealed Flourish magazine is well loved and proving to be an effective tool for building brand relationships. 84% of people surveyed agreed that Australian Unity is an authority on independent and assisted living; 77% agree that Flourish magazine makes me feel valued and respected; and 83% agree that Flourish magazine has made them feel more positive about Australian Unity overall.

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