SHERPA gets a taste of Luxury

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Take a closer look at Luxury Escapes’ most recent TV campaign, which was produced by our group’s new video agency, SHERPA.

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Have you met Elly the Concierge? Well, you're about to, in the debut campaign for online travel brand Luxury Escapes.  

SHERPA, our new video production agency, has put its end-to-end versatility to the test and provided full creative, production and post-production services on a series of spots for Luxury Escapes, which were shot entirely on location in tropical Singapore.  

The video production team worked closely with the client on developing all aspects of the campaign, providing a top-down approach to the creative that could work across multiple platforms. This was Luxury Escapes’ first TV campaign, so it needed to reflect their luxury travel image while also building a strong relationship with audiences. 

To achieve this, the SHERPA team focused on creating a character; someone fun, memorable and trustworthy who could provide Luxury Escapes with the right kind of upbeat brand personality – and potentially become an ongoing brand ambassador.  

That's how they landed on Elly the Concierge. Everyone loved the idea of seeing a bold, confident female character drive these spots and become the face of Luxury Escapes. It was important that she reflect the positive, can-do attitude of a Luxury Escapes traveller. Elly also isn’t your typical host of a glamorous five-star hotel. Instead, she becomes a friendly conduit into the exotic world of luxury international travel. 

Take a look. 

Co-directors Andrew Coyle and Joel Kohn worked with their cinematographer Shyam Ediriweera to craft bright, sassy visuals that complemented the lighthearted flavour of the character-driven scripts. They filled the screen with dynamic movement, whip pans and pacey editing, bringing a sense of magical realism to the spots as we follow our immaculately dressed hero through various hotel backdrops.

The result is a fun, energetic and jazzy take on the world’s best holidays that the SHERPA team had an absolute blast creating.  

After launching Australia-wide at the start of July, the campaign will be seen on TV and digital platforms and adds Luxury Escapes to a long list of SHERPA clients, including premium brands such as Dan Murphy’s, Australian Super, Cadbury and OMO.    

Find out more about SHERPA's video production services by emailing Andrew Coyle at