Entry Process

The Ampersand Prize

Entry process

Please note that the Ampersand Prize is on hiatus and will not run in 2019. It will resume in July 2020.

The Ampersand Prize is open to young adult and middle-grade novels across all genres. To be eligible for the Ampersand Prize, writers should not have already published a novel for these audiences with a trade publisher anywhere in the world. 

Writers should send their complete submissions as one combined PDF or Word document to ampersand@hardiegrant.com.au.

To be considered eligible, submissions MUST contain these four items in the following order: 

1. A cover sheet, with the following information:

- Author name

- Author's postal address

- Project title

- Genre(s)

- Word count

- Two-sentence pitch of your novel

- A short author bio 

- If this is the second time submitting the project, a short explanation of how it has changed.

2. A one-page synopsis, that presents a clear indication of all key plot points and character development. And YES, you have to give away the ending!

3. A 100-word overview of why you wrote your manuscript. This can include information such as where your inspiration came from, why you wanted to tell this particular story, whether it’s an own-voice manuscript, and so on.

4. Your full manuscript, formatted as follows:

- A4 page-size in a 10 to 12-point readable typeface (think Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri, Cambria, etc).

- Manuscripts should be double-spaced.

- Include page numbers.

- Include the title of your manuscript in the header or footer of your document.

The winner will be announced in the Weekly Book Newsletter and on the Hardie Grant Egmont website, Facebook and Twitter. We will also send an email to newsletter subscribers.