Hardie Grant Books is one of Australia's leading independent book publishers.

It was late in 1997 when the freshly formed Hardie Grant Books rented an office and officially opened for business. We had no books to sell at that point but we did have plenty of ideas of what we wanted to do, and even more ideas of what we didn’t want to do. These days we have published a slew of books. We’ve had our share of bestsellers and award winners, and we’re immensely proud to have published what we think are some of Australia’s, and the world’s, best books. All our books have lead us along a colourful and enjoyable journey to arrive as one of Australia’s leading independent publishing companies. We like to think big and we’re one of the fastest growing publishers in Australia.

Hardie Grant Books is a vibrant, successful, diverse and dynamic business with a list of books across a range of subjects including food, wine, sport, history, true crime, humour, popular culture and social issues. Our food and wine books are now recognised as some of the world’s best, carrying off major international awards as well as many of Australia’s most highly regarded design awards.

A defining aspect of our list has always been the attention to high-quality production, design innovation and the desire to find a new and original editorial approach to familiar subjects as well as some more unusual ones. We like to discover new talent as well as reinvent the old. We also have a reputation marketing our books in a way that ensures all our authors the best possible chance of success. We are genuinely involved in the books we publish, and intend to keep it that way.

As well as producing our own books under the Hardie Grant Books imprint, we are also the exclusive distribution partners for several international publishers in the UK and America.

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