BOWRAL NSW: Tim Costello at Centennial Vineyards Restaurant











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BOWRAL NSW: Tim Costello at Centennial Vineyards Restaurant

Hosted By: Bowral Bookstore

Centennial Vineyards Restaurant, 252 Centennial Road, Bowral NSW 2576 | 9 Aug 2019 12:00 PM

Take time out of your busy Friday to join us for lunch with Tim Costello AO. A leading voice on social justice issues, Tim is also a Baptist minister and author. As head of World Vision Australia he ensured global poverty stayed on the national agenda and changed the lives of the world’s most vulnerable and disempowered. He continues to work on issues around gambling, urban poverty, homelessness, reconciliation and substance abuse. Tim has written a number of books, including bestsellers Faith and Hope. 
In his new memoir, "A Lot With a Little", he explores the people and experiences that shaped him. With stark insight and honesty, Tim tells more than a simple life story. It’s a book about individual and community, public and private, spiritual and material, equality and liberty. Most of all, it’s about faith and its power to sustain - thought-provoking no matter what your beliefs.

Join us for lunch to hear Tim talk about his new book "A Lot With a Little". 
Date: Friday 9th August At 12:00pm 
Location: Centennial Vineyards Restaurant, 
252 Centennial Road Bowral NSW 2576
Tickets $70 (incl. one course + glass of wine + coffee & cake) 
Bookings Essential - book here or please phone 02 4862 1634