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HOBART: Greg Barns' Rise of the Right book launch

Hosted By: The Hobart Book Shop

The Hobart Book Shop, 22 Salamanca Place, Hobart, TAS | 6 Mar 2019 05:00 PM

Rise of the Right Launch

Join us for the launch of Greg Barns' new book, Rise of the Right.


Rise of the Right is a fascinating account from one of Australia's leading political journalists and is essential reading for anyone interested in Australian politics. To those who think of Australia as a highly successful democracy that has built a diverse society with respect for liberal values, a proposition that this is all at risk might seem alarmist. But the history of the past two decades in this country's political and social narrative, and now the global trend towards isolation, protectionism and authoritarianism, as well as the 'them and us' fear-mongering happening around the world, ought to raise the question as to whether the foundations of Australian liberal democracy are so secure that we are immune to the threats without and within.


Greg Barns is a barrister, academic, writer, political commentator and former political adviser. He appears around Australia in criminal and human rights cases and is a long time adviser to Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. Greg teaches in RMIT University's Law program and writes a weekly column for the Hobart Mercury. He also regularly contributes to Crikey and The Age. Greg was a senior political adviser to Liberal state and federal leaders and ministers and ran the Republic Referendum campaign for the Yes case in 1999. He was Chair of the Australian Republican Movement from 2000-2002. Greg was also National President of the Australian Lawyers Alliance from 2011-2012. He is the author of What's Wrong with the Liberal Party; Selling with Australian Government and co-author of An Australian Republic.

When: Wed 6 March, 5.30pm

Where: The Hobart Book Shop, 22 Salamanca Place, Hobart, TAS

Note: Refreshments will be served on the evening. This is a free event.