Axel & BEAST

When a shape-shifting robot needs help to save the world, it’s time for this 12-year-old gamer to level up!

Axel & BEAST is a funny action-adventure series about a kid and his robot best friend trying to save the world. Think Big Hero 6 meets Captain Planet, packed with super-cool tech and fast-paced action to keep emerging readers glued to the page.

Axel & BEAST follows 12-year-old Axel and his new best friend BEAST, a highly advanced robot that can transform into nearly any machine imaginable. BEAST is on the run from the greedy Grabbem Industries, who want to use the robot to strip the earth’s resources
so that they can make money. But Grabbem weren’t counting on BEAST teaming up with an awesome 12-year-old gamer called Axel.

Together, Axel & BEAST will try to foil Grabbem Industries’ planet-destroying plots – aided by the mysterious Omega, a double agent hiding in Grabbem’s ranks.

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Books in Axel & BEAST series