Yoga For Everyday Aches and Pains

Do you have a pain in the neck? Do you carry your shoulders up around your ears? Do your hands and wrists ache?' The majority of people will tend to ignore the smaller aches and pains our bodies serve up. Excuses are found, temporary measures explored, but the aches return unabated and, very often, worse. We begin to accept that that crick in the neck or growing absent-mindedness are unavoidable parts of life. We tell ourselves it's normal to feel a little tired, to creak slightly when we bend over - after all, no one feels 100% all the time. Do they? But what if you could? What if you could at least increase that level of wellbeing so that all the smaller issues were minimised? Yoga for Everyday Aches and Pains does just that. Author Fred L. Miller runs through a range of asanas (positions), each targeting different symptoms of everyday life. Whether you suffer from tension headaches or want to increase sexual vigour or brain power, Miller provides steps you can take to improve wellbeing. With clear illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions, Yoga for Everyday Aches and Pains is ideal for both the beginner and for those who have dabbled in yoga before. It encourages readers to take charge of their own bodies and foster a sense of health and wellness. Rather than a ‘no pain, no gain' attitude towards health, Miller practices the Gain without Pain philosophy - the ‘Safe & Sane Yoga' that is more rewarding and, ultimately, easier to maintain. This common-sense guide with friendly anecdotes comes from a yoga teacher with 21 years experience and a deep understanding of how to improve the bodies we live with every day, both physically and emotionally.

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23cm x 15cm






Hardie Grant Books


01 July 2004


Fred Miller