Worse Than Watergate

Watergate whistleblower and former White House counsel John W. Dean is a man who knows what happens behind closed doors in a corrupt administration. Now, in his explosive new examination of the dark side of the Bush-Cheney White House, he lays out the overwhelming evidence of the pervasive secrecy in the current administration and suggests how to put an end to these abuses of presidential power. BE WARNED.The Bush team has shamelessly exploited the threat of terrorism to justify secret tactics more befitting third world tyrants than today's democratic leaders - while at the same time aggressively violating the privacy of the rest of America. As Dean shows, among other things, Bush, Cheney, Ashcroft and other administration figures have asserted an unprecedented view of executive privilege to impede public access to historical records of prior presidents and vice presidents, to completely block public release of large numbers of Justice Department documents, and to thwart congressional investigators and public interest groups. The Bush team has engaged in willful distortion of information needed to effectively deal with threats to health and safety; the outright censorship of scientific data generated by regulatory agencies; and the suppression of facts that don't fit the administration's political agenda, secretly altering EPA reports to omit information critical of companies that have donated money to the Republicans, even when that information could save lives.

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01 August 2005


John W Dean