Warwick Todd Up in the Block Hole

When Australian cricket legend Warwick Todd retired from the game in 1996, many felt that would be the end. After playing 143 Tests, making over 9000 first class runs and notching up almost $1.3 million in match fines, it was time to draw stumps. But then came the news of a re-call … "To be honest, when I was asked to re-join the Aussie squad I had conflicting emotions. Naturally, there was pride at the thought of once again pulling on the baggy green cap. Followed by frustration - why the hell had I agreed to sell it on eBay?" Here, in his first book in over a decade, Toddy looks back at an extraordinary career. "How do you sum up a 20 year career in just a few hundred pages? The answer is, you can't, and it's ridiculous to try except for the fact you've signed a publishing deal and already spent most of the advance, so here goes…" Honest yet forthright, reflective but passionate, Warwick Todd: Up in the Block Hole is a lot like Warwick himself; honest, earthy, revealing and bound together with staples. In addition to Warwick's thoughts on the modern game, it also contains his diary of the 2009 Ashes tour of England, featuring day-by-day descriptions of team activities in excruciating detail. "The next delivery saw Flintoff wrapped on the pad but the ball was clearly missing leg stump and he was a long way forward, so it was a fairly muted appeal; only about nine of us went up and just three of us actually got down on one knee…" Warwick Todd: Up in the Block Hole. As told to Damien Todd, who forgot most of it. And Tom Gleisner, who didn't.

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23cm x 15cm






Pop Culture


Hardie Grant Books


01 November 2009


Tom Gleisner