The Tour

‘I'd always thought spiritual enlightenment would involve candles, meditative music and maybe even a happy faced person wearing an orange robe banging a gong occasionally. Never in my wildest imaginings did I expect it would happen when I was on all fours vomiting my guts out beside a sugar cane field in far north Queensland on Mother's Day.'And so begins another brilliantly funny instalment in the true and chaotic life of middle-aged stand-up comic, Denise Scott. This time Denise is on tour through the back blocks and remote country towns of regional Australia with a bunch of young male comics on a tiny bus … Although old enough to be their mother, in true form Denise manages to keep up with the partying and outrageous behaviour (many times leading it). But although the tiny bus takes her many miles away from her reality, life has a habit of catching up with you and on one of the long stretches of empty road Denise finds herself confronting her own issues of ageing, motherhood, sex, intimacy, regret and wearing your bathers in public. Part memoir and part stand-up, Denise once again manages to charm her readers with her honest and amusing appraisals of life in all its facets - from her riotous tales of life on the road to her touching (though always comical) thoughts on family and a life well-lived (well, most of the time). A heart-warming and hilarious book guaranteed to delight women everywhere with its very frank appraisals of life's ups and downs, The Tour is for anyone who has ever found themselves reflecting on what makes a successful life…and where they put that glass of wine down?

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20cm x 13cm




Biography and Memoir , Pop Culture


Hardie Grant Books


01 October 2012


Denise Scott