The Secret of Success is a Secret

It's true that Sean Condon has a lot of anger. But he also has a lot of very nice shirts. Equally relevantly, his new book has: Useful Advice (if you're fat and play the piano-accordian, lose weight. If you're thin and play the piano-accordian, stop.) Timely Reflections ("so this is Christmas, and what have we done?"Well, not all that much. But what have you done lately, John Lennon?) Metaphysical Insight (sometimes a grayish feather will float by your window but you will neither see nor hear any birds. This is an odd occurrence, but an essentially meaningless one. Give it no further consideration.) Classic Anedotes (one time this famous photographer was having dinner at this glamorous actressess's place and she said that she loved his work and how he must have a really good camera. He said thanks, and by the way dinner was terrific. "You must have a really good oven." God, I wish I was there and I was the photographer and I'd said that.) Interesting Facts (ants never sleep; neither does rust) Humour (he toiled away in isolation for over twenty-five years but the project never really came together. His was a sad and wasted life - let it be a lesson to you.) and Compassion (do not kick your mother in the face on Christmas Day/ever.)

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20cm x 13cm




Pop Culture


Hardie Grant Books


01 August 2005


Sean Condon